Ram Navami

When the Flame Ignites: Islamophobia comes to India

Ram Navami is an Indian festival held yearly in honor of the birth of Lord Ram. It is an anticipated celebration rich in tradition,

Pope’s Image Stomped on By Hindu Nationalist

Hindu Nationalists Stomp on Photo of Pope Francis

Hardline Hindu group calls for a Christian-free India Om Swami Maharaj, a controversial Hindu leader, known for his Hindutva or hardline Hindu views, led

Hindu Nationalists are Protecting Cows Over People in India

Vigilantes kill to protect cows in India Hindu nationalists are accused of vigilantism to forcefully promote their distorted Hindu vision of India.[/tweetit] The cow,

Controversial Hindu Priest Elected Leader of India’s Biggest State

Modi's party picks the controversial Yogi Adityanath as leader of Uttar Pradesh. Indian politics took a surprising turn electing controversial Hindu priest as Chief