FBI Reports U.S. Hate Crimes Rose 17% Last Year

FBI Reports U.S. Hate Crimes Rose 17% Last Year

DOJ Launches Hate Crime Webpage Newly published FBI data showed hate crimes increased 17 percent in 2018[/tweetit] compared to 2017. This is the third

CAIR Releases Report of FBI Anti-Muslim Abuse

CAIR Releases Report of FBI Anti-Muslim Abuse

Physical violence and property damage occupies the top of the list A first quarter report of 2018 relating to anti-Muslim incidents happening all over

CAIR Report Indicates US Government Agencies are Targeting Muslims

New Report Indicates US Federal Agencies are Targeting Muslims

Customs and Border Patrol constituted 38 percent of the anti-Muslim incidents involving federal agencies. A Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) report titled “Targeted” describes

Samantha Bee’s Searing Response to the Orlando Shooting: Praying Isn’t Going to Fix This

"We pray after each mass shooting and yet they keep happening. Maybe we’re not praying right." -Full Frontal's Samantha Bee The Orlando massacre that

Pope Francis Urges Faithful to Transform Mexico

Horrified Pope Francis Condemns Orlando Shooter

Pope lashes out over access to weapons in the United States. Sunda June 12, the United States witnessed the deadliest mass shooting by a

ABC’s New ‘Quantico’ Takes on Terrorism and Offends Religions

Mormons, Jews and Muslims are hurt by their portrayal in the TV show 'Quantico.' ABC’s new show Quantico premiered on Sunday night. The show

FBI Building

Federal Court orders FBI to Release Documents Regarding its Investigations into Muslim Communities

Following a Bay Area federal ruling, the FBI has been compelled to release intelligence documents that details how the bureau investigates and run surveillance