George Michael’s “Faith” and Religious Beliefs

Examining George Michael's religious beliefs after his death on Christmas morning. Pop idol George Michael has died at the age of 53. A statement

Fareed Ahmad United Against Extremism

After Glasgow Murder, United Against Extremism Peace Campaign Launches

Glasgow's Ahmadiyya Muslim Community launches peace campaign United Against Extremism. It was a grey, overcast day when the planned United Against Extremism campaign launch

U.K. PM David Cameron Announces Plan to Counter Islamic Extremism

David Cameron announced one phase of the Islamic extremism plan which includes allowing parents to cancel their children’s passports if they think they may

Muslim Radicalization

UK Muslim leader: Take Action Against People Radicalizing Their Own Children

A Muslim leader in the UK demands that Islamist fanatics who radicalize children should be shunned by their communities. Rafiq Hayat, president of the

Cameron and Modi

David Cameron Appeals to Hindu Community in Re-Election

Likely playing a major role in David Cameron's re-election as British Prime Minister, the leader appealed to the UK's Hindu community during his campaign.

Sikh Manifesto

UK Politicians Show Support for Sikh Manifesto

Sikhs of the United Kingdom have banned together and presented the Sikh Manifesto just before the UK's elections to make sure that their voices

Pope Francis Punch

Pope Francis clarifies his “punch” line about Charlie Hebdo

Pope Francis received immense backlash after he claimed that freedom of speech ought to be limited in regards to religion, and he had to

Britain Divided by Prime Minister David Cameron’s “Christian” Country Comments

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has courted controversy with his recent comments when he declared that the United Kingdom was a “Christian Country.” David