China/Vatican Agreement May Signal Lessening of Religious Tension

The first Catholic Bishop to be consecrated in China since an agreement between China and the Holy See occurred recently in Inner Mongolia.[/tweetit] According

Hong Kong Catholics Opposing Vatican Deal

Hong Kong Catholics Opposing Vatican Deal

They felt betrayed by the new agreement Hong Kong Catholics amped up their opposition to a controversial rapprochement between Beijing and the Vatican by

Vatican and China Bishops

Vatican and China are Patching Up Dispute Over Bishops

The Asian country remains the last spiritual challenge for the Vatican The Vatican and the People's Republic of China have reached an agreement to

Documentary Explores 2,500 Years of Buddhist Tradition

Documentary follows the 2,500-year history of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. The Great Transmission is a documentary film that “explores the remarkable journeys Buddhist knowledge

What is it Like to Be a Muslim in Cuba?

Islam converts are on the rise in communist Cuba. Cuba is one of the few remaining communist states in the world. Officially, it is

Cuba Religion

Cuba: Not So Atheist Anymore

Photos adapted from: Didier Baertschiger and James Emery, licensed under CC BY 2.0 A unique look into the religious identities of Cuba over the

Longshan Temple, Taipei, Taiwan

Old Yet Powerful – Taoism

Rooted deeply in the Chinese customs and worldview, Taoism is an ancient tradition of religious beliefs and philosophies that emphasize living in harmony with