China Restricting Religious Internet Activity

China is Restricting Religious Internet Activity

President Xi Jinping consolidates power The Chinese Communist Party, an officially atheist outfit, has issued new rules linked to online religious activities.[/tweetit] These rules

China Continues the Crackdown on Christianity

China Continues the Crackdown on Christianity

The Jinping regime has now focused on underground churches in their attack on Christianity. A statement published by China Aid, a United States headquartered

China destroys second Christian Church in less than a month

China Strikes Fear in Christians Destroying Another Church

This is the second church demolished in less than a month. A church in Northern China has been demolished, spreading fear among Christians[/tweetit] in

China deporting Christians

Christians Deported from China After Helping North Korean Refugees

President Xi Jinping tightened control over religious activities have resulted in deportation of over hundred South Korean Christian missionaries The Chinese government's activities through

China’s President Warns Against Religious Infiltration

The Chinese government is worried about overseas infiltration via religious means. The Constitution of China promises “freedom of religious belief” to its citizens. However,