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Chinese Catholics Occupy Church to Prevent Demolition Priests and parishioners have locked themselves inside a Catholic Church in the Hebei province of China to

China Restricting Religious Internet Activity

China is Restricting Religious Internet Activity

President Xi Jinping consolidates power The Chinese Communist Party, an officially atheist outfit, has issued new rules linked to online religious activities.[/tweetit] These rules

Vatican and China Bishops

Vatican and China are Patching Up Dispute Over Bishops

The Asian country remains the last spiritual challenge for the Vatican The Vatican and the People's Republic of China have reached an agreement to

China Bans Islamic Baby Names with Religious Connotation in Xinjiang

An Islamic name ban has been put in place by the Chinese government in Muslim majority Xinjiang. Chinese authorities in the Muslim-dominant Xinjiang province

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Say Nepal Still Needs Help as Government Sells Off Donated Relief Food

Scientology's Volunteer Ministers are still bringing hope and helping Nepal recover from a 2015 earthquake. In April last year, Kathmandu, Nepal experienced a tragic

Watch this Robot Monk Help Promote Buddhism

The Budda-Bot bringing Buddhism and science together. The Longquan Buddhist temple, located on the outskirts of Beijing’s Haidian District, is a very modern temple