Atheist Flag To FLy Above 10 Commandments

Atheist Flag Will Fly Over Ten Commandments Monument in New Hampshire

Flag Will Go Up In The Winter An Atheist flag is scheduled to fly above the Ten Commandments monument in Somersworth, New Hampshire this

Atheists sue TX school

Atheists Sue TX School Officials for Harassing Student Who Sat During Pledge

M.O. suffered harassment for many years, her rights being violated by her teachers Texas Atheist student was disciplined for not standing during pledge.[/tweetit] Teacher

Missouri Satanic abortion

Satanist Wins Case Saying Abortion Law Violates Her Religious Beliefs

Missouri's abortion laws go against the First Amendment. An anonymous Missouri woman, identified only as Mary Doe in public court documents, has won a

Kansas Inmate Files Suit Against State Saying Christianity Was Forced Upon Her

Webber-Dunn alleges violation of the First Amendment Shari Webber-Dunn, an inmate in Topeka Correctional Facility in Kansas, alleged the prison authorities violated her constitutional

37% of Americans Can’t Name A Right Guaranteed by First Amendment

Civic education is the need of the hour Only 79 percent surveyed thought atheists have the same rights as other American citizens[/tweetit] as per

Meet the Muslim Comedian who Roasted President Trump at White House Correspondents’ Dinner

The Daily Show's Hasan Minhaj hosted the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner Saturday. Hasan Minhaj, Senior Correspondent of The Daily Show, praised the United

Religious Freedom May Be a Priority for Jeff Sessions

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is expected to focus on religious freedom during his term. It is a fact that conservative Christians propelled Donald Trump

Satanists Oppose Texas Law to Conduct Burial for Aborted Fetuses

Satanists Oppose Texas Law to Conduct Burial for Aborted Fetuses

The Satanic Temple is fighting against a new law in Texas requiring burial services for abortions or miscarriages. Texas’ new law that an abortion

Most Churches Avoided Talking About the 2016 Presidential Election

A poll found the majority of churches did not discuss politics this election season. The 2016 presidential campaign may have dominated conversations in 2016,

Atheist Sues for the Right to Personalized ‘IM GOD’ License Plate

Atheist sues Kentucky after being denied 'IM GOD' license plate An atheist filed a lawsuit against the state of Kentucky after he was barred