Uniting the World: Peace Fires Summer Solstice 26-hour Global Healing Event

“Let there be peace on Earth and love for one another”

Like-minded people from all over the world will simultaneously join the third edition of the Annual Peace Fires Summer Solstice 26-hour Global Healing Event on June 21. They can be of any faith and from any background. The venue for the fire could be anywhere, in the home, gardens, community places, and backyards. Anyone and everyone can participate. The participants can host their own fires or light a candle in any way which represent their respective traditions.

The third edition of the Peace Fires Summer Solstice will lead to the creation of positive energy lasting for about 26 consecutive hours in what can be surmised as one of the biggest fire ceremonies in the world. The event will promote healing and peace among individuals from all faiths, cultures, and traditions. This summer solstice is that day of the year when sunlight is present for the longest time during the day. This feature makes this a powerful time to pray for peace and to meditate. The aim is to create harmony among all people, living beings, and the earth itself. Individuals, communities, and families will encircle a fire or a candle, and they will look towards the flame. All participants will utter the same prayer, “Let there be peace on earth and love for one another.” Since Peace Fires will be lit all over the world, and the same prayer be uttered at every venue, positive energy will fill the atmosphere and circle the earth as every time zone gets entry into the solstice.

The Peace Fires tradition has the support of many luminaries like Deepak Chopra and Don Miguel Ruiz, the well-known author. Other supporters include the Optimist Daily, World Business Academy, and Earth’s Call. The event will be a resounding success is in no doubt as thousands of people from more than 1,530 locations scattered over 68 countries participated in the first year.

When asked the reason for hosting a fire, Monika Taylor Penukonda, the Peace Fires co-founder, said “The sacredness of fire is universal to all spiritual traditions. A flame automatically touches the heart and connects us to the light from which we came and the light hidden in each heart. Fire is life and signifies love.”


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