Beautiful Sun Burst Photo Captures Jesus Appearing in the Sky Over Italy Coast

Rationalists dismiss it as a nature-made creation.

To those who left their faith due to various reasons, one show of God can sometimes be enough to lead them back into the fold. Once you come back in, all of your previous troubles recede for the time being from memory. One such God-like event happened when Jesus appeared in a ray of light, literally, off the coast of Italy. It seems that the higher power has made its presence known to Italians and the rest of the world.

Beautiful photographs of the sky rendered Jesus Christ, who took the pose of Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro-located Christ the Redeemer statue this time around. The photos were taken by Alfredo Lo Brutto, a resident of Agropoli near Pompeii. The natural event happened in southern Italy. He snapped a quick photograph of the scene where a Jesus Christ ringed by light burst through the background of slate grey skies. He said sunset was spectacular, with the rare light and cloud phenomena making a likeness of the famous Christ the Redeemer structure.

According to Alfredo, the beam of light was so beautiful he was compelled to sign into social media so that he can share the sight with the world. In his own words, he was so enthralled by the view he eschewed his habit of shying away from social media and posted it immediately.


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