Rabbi Haim Korsia

France has a New Chief Rabbi

Rabbi Haim Korsia

Rabbi Haim Korsia is France’s new Chief Rabbi and he wants to protect his people by inspiring a welcoming attitude.

There is a new leader in the French Jewish community, for the position of Chief Rabbi. His name is Rabbi Haim Korsia also known as the French army’s Jewish chaplain. Rabbi Oliver Kaufmann was defeated in the election by Korsia, in a 131-97 vote. Rabbi Korsia will now be serving a seven year term. Right off the bat, Rabbi Korsia has vowed to work hard to find a way to make every Jew feel included and safe. He has a very tough job because he is representing a community that has been in constant attack.

Anti-Semitic Attacks

It’s sad to hear that in this day and age, people still torment others for their beliefs. A growing concern in France, anti-Semitic attacks have been frequent reminders of intolerance in the region. A woman and her baby were attacked at a Paris bus station. The attacker was shouting “Dirty Jewess.” There have been many hate crimes against the Jewish community that have been going on for a while now. A record has been broken for the number of French Jews that have decided to immigrate back to Israel over this past year alone. Some of them say it’s for economic reasons, but the many are moving back because they are scared of the anti-Semitic attacks. These have been troubling times for France’s Jewish community, which is also the largest in Europe. Chief Rabbi Korsia is working hard to restore the confidence of all Jews in France. He will not stop till he finds a way to achieve peace.

Divorce Scandal

One of his concerns is to address a divorce scandal that has caused much debate over what right women have and the fact that they have difficulties divorcing. Chief Rabbi Korsia has also stated that he would enforce “good sense” regulations that are already in existence. These rules would allow women to obtain a divorce document. He claims that he may not be able to change the halakhah, but he defiantly can help women through this tough time.

Chief Rabbi Haim Korsia has a big job in front of him. Every day has been a constant struggle for the Jews. They live in fear hearing the news of their fellow brethren being attacked, but it’s not over yet. Chief Rabbi Haim Korsia has a plan and is going to work hard to make every French Jew feel safe.


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