Israel Protests After Polish Nationalist Rally Calls for Jews to Move Out of Poland

Right-wing groups dominate Polish Independence Day March Israel expressed apprehension about the Polish Independence Day March held on November 11.[/tweetit] The predominantly Jewish nation

Vatican warns US Catholic of alliance of hate

Vatican Warns US Catholics About Alliance of ‘Hate’ with Evangelicals

Vatican proposes inclusiveness, the US Catholics do not U.S. Catholic conservatives are being warned by the Vatican about their alliance of "hate" forged with

German Police Raid Homes Suspected of Internet Hate Speech

German police are sending a clear message against racism and xenophobic content on the internet. German police did house raids all over Germany on

Anti-Sikh Violence is on the Rise in Fresno, CA

Fresno, CA has become a hotbed of anti-Sikh violence. Violence against Sikhs in the central California city of Fresno is causing concern.  Locals say