Roethlisberger wore ‘Stronger Than Hate’ cleats

Ben Roethlisberger, the quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, wore customized cleats on November 4 to honor the victims of the Tree of Life synagogue mass shooting. The massacre took place on October 27. The shoes had a distinctive design with three words, namely "stronger than hate" emblazoned on them. The Steelers logo was reimagined to offer a new look to add substance to the tragedy. The cleats featured the Star of David.

Adam Schefter tweeted a picture of the shoes, saying Roethlisberger will wear these before the NFL game as a response to the horrific shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue. He pointed out both the player and his wife are friends with Michele Rosenthal. The latter worked in community relations of the Steelers' and also helps Roethlisberger in his work with the foundation. Schefter commiserated in the last sentence saying that Michele lost her two brothers in the horrific incident.

A number of Steelers coaches and players attended the funeral of the two shooting victims' – David Rosenthal and Cecil Rosenthal's funeral. The team held a few seconds silence to honor the 11 individuals before playing against the Cleveland Browns. The cleats worn by Roethlisberger follow the path laid out by NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins. The players of the latter team wore patches adorned with "stronger than hate" lettering during their play against New York Islanders.

Both Roethlisberger and Ashley Harlan, his wife, are said to be close to Michele Rosenthal, the former community relations manager of the Steelers. Her brothers, David Rosenthal and Cecil Rosenthal, were popular in the community and has been shown the words of Jeffrey Solomon, another congregant of the Tree of Life synagogue. He said both were active members within the Jewish community and beyond.  The brothers were in their 50s and were almost always found inside the synagogue, greeting everyone with a hearty "Good Shabbos" welcome. Roethlisberger and a number of other players of the Steelers' team attended services specially called for the slain brothers during the last week of October.


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