New Study Reveals Most Evangelicals Don’t Understand Christianity

They are unable to understand the function of the gospel

A Ligonier Ministries-conducted religious survey confirmed that a large proportion of Christian evangelicals have no idea when it comes to the fundamental beliefs concerning their religion . This is seen even as they proclaim to the world how much they love Jesus Christ.

The survey took into account 3,000 individuals who describe themselves as evangelicals. The questions asked were set to comprehend how much the respondents knew about the Bible. It was found many of the respondents are “deeply confused” about their beliefs.

Most evangelicals hold three sets of belief. The first is the majority of people are fundamentally good. The second is God gladly accepts the worship even if the worshipper is from a different religion and the last is Jesus Christ was the greatest and the first created by God, the father of Christ. The problem is that these beliefs are at odds with the Christian faith.

The Bible teaches that every human being is corrupt, and no person is good by nature, thus necessitating the existence of the gospel. It also says the only way towards salvation is through the gospel and God is not impressed if the worshipper belongs to a different faith. It is exclusively through Jesus Christ along with His Spirit we could worship God in truth and spirit.

The findings are not all negative though: a vast majority of evangelicals agree that justification could be achieved exclusively by faith. Then again, their belief falters when it comes to the status of Christ in the Bible. Almost all evangelicals express their support for the Trinitarian doctrine. Then again, many believe in the heretic idea that Christ was the greatest and the first being created by God. The last view was also espoused by the heretic Arius during ancient times.

It was clear Americans do not understand the reality of the holiness of God. For example, 69 percent do not agree the smallest sin is deserving of eternal damnation. The report said most Americans downplay the gathering power of the church to worship God. The American's tendency towards individuality is against the teaching of the Bible. The survey revealed that 58 percent of religious adults consent that worshiping with one's family or alone constitutes a valid replacement in lieu of regular church attendance. When it came to new social movements, the survey discovered 44 percent of respondents agree that the condemnation of homosexuals stated cannot be applied at the present time.


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