Forget Bad Candy: Ken Ham Wants Your Kids To Learn About Fire and Brimstone Halloween

Cindy is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Answers in Genesis is using Halloween promote kits about the dangers of hell.

Creationist Ken Ham is taking the spooky nature of Halloween to the next level as he is using the holiday to warn kids about the dangers of hell. Ham is selling “Learn and Share” kits on his blog which include pamphlets and “dino” dollars that can be given to people instead of candy. While that might not seem very harmful in and of itself, the fact remains that the dino bucks feature some rather disturbing messages.

Among the warnings that you can expect to see in the “learn and share kit” are to avoid looking with lust at people or they will face death and an eternity in hell. Moreover, the kit warns people against taking God’s name in vain, or else they will suffer “death and eternal Hell because God is holy and just.”

Facing criticism, Ham is responding and saying people who take issue with his message are hypocrites since it is all in the scary nature of Halloween. However, many parents are making a distinction between scaring children in the frightful nature of the season and horrifying kids with the knowledge that they face mortal plight.

Ken Ham is no stranger to Halloween controversies. He has called out Halloween as a time where parents can reclaim the holiday and serve as a way to teach others about their religion. He has favored “reverse trick or treating,” where adults hand out gospel books instead of candy. Many are turned off by such acts because it presumes children should be interested to learn about their religion. This is especially true for the kids that just want some candy out of the holiday rather than a stern lecture about their soul.

According to research, over 50 percent of parents believe Halloween can be celebrated as a fun aspect of life instead of a major religious faux pas. However, many people still avoid the holiday since it has Pagan roots. In the end, Ham’s suggestion to frighten children or make the holiday more palatable to Christians seems to be catching on, with evangelical parents buying the kits and handing out candy along with them.

Still, the holiday season for Halloween continues to be celebrated for the fun and costumes and not so much the pagan aspects that so many fear.


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