People talking at table

Why Talk About Religion?

For as the old saying goes, “Friends and family should never discuss politics and religion.” — Forbes, 2020 About Read More

Nativity - Saint Paul Apostle Church, Cuauhtémoc, Federal District, Mexico

Nine Nights of Celebration to Christmas

For eight days, Joseph and Mary, who was carrying a child, traveled and sought lodging. They were refused Read More

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

Houses of Worship: Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

1853, the Archbishop of New York plans “to erect a Cathedral in the City of New York that Read More

Stuart Murdoch

Stuart Murdoch Has Experienced Faith

Stuart Murdoch with his latest album with Belle & Sebastian, A Bit of Previous, has got people talking Read More

The First Baptist Church in America

Religious Liberty in a New Land

In 1630, the Puritans, arriving from the Old World, came to America seeking religious liberty, but the Americas Read More

Houses of Worship: Qatar State Grand Mosque

Qatar sits on a peninsula in the Persian Gulf with Saudi Arabia to the west as their only Read More

Religious Intolerance in Myanmar

Along the Bay of Bengal and wrapping around the Andaman Sea is the Republic of the Union of Read More

The Hazara people of Daykundi

The Fight of the Hazaras

The Hazaras have been subject to discrimination and oppression at least since the 19th century. As an ethnic Read More

Voodoo altar with fetishes in Abomey, Benin

Faith and Voodoo

In the coastal country of Benin, the population is divided into roughly three major religious groups: Christian, Muslim Read More

Thomas More University

A Talk on International Religious Freedom

On November 3, 2022, at Thomas More University (TMU), an event was held with past and present Ambassadors-at-Large Read More