The move is truly American

For many, Christmas equals receiving gifts. However, it is vital to give during the holiday season. This spirit was exemplified by Muslim volunteers in Corktown on December 24 when they volunteered at the St. Peter’s Episcopal Church soup kitchen. The volunteers were members of Mercy-USA for Aid and Development. The usual volunteers, all Christian, were able to spend the day with their loved ones while the Muslim group took over their daily tasks of serving meals.

The Muslim volunteers assisted the effort by preparing food and subsequently serving about 200 people. They also distributed canned goods. The food served included tasty edibles like doughnuts, coffee, and fruit. Other than the nutritious food served, delicious items were also given which boosted the mood of the recipients.

The food distribution activity not only helped those who received it, but the ones serving them also felt happy to do so. One of them was Hibah Naseer. He confessed that he wanted to visit a church for a long time. It was his first time inside a church, and he felt a deep sense of reward to see others of different faiths uniting as one for a common cause.

Although many Muslims do not celebrate the festival of Christmas, Kayla Botelho, another Muslim volunteer who worked so a regular volunteer could take the day off, pointed out Christmas is the time of the year for every person to give back, regardless of what religion they follow. She reiterated that a number of Muslims express their personal holiday spirit via service projects and a considerable part of Islam is giving back through charitable efforts.

People who have no faith, like atheists, also wholeheartedly agree. They say this time of the year is not only for religious celebrations. It also marks the time to cogitate in things which are important in life, like family, wealth, health, and friends to name a few. Muslims understood the concept and helped others for whom this period in December was a holy time. For Muslims, this was not, and they naturally helped to give others a day off. It is a kind gesture which actually makes America great again.


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