America Magazine had earlier endorsed Kavanaugh’s stand on abortion.

America Magazine, a publication with a nationwide reach, has revoked its endorsement of Brett Kavanaugh as a nominee Judge of the United States Supreme Court. It had earlier pledged support to Kavanaugh based on his views regarding abortion.

America Magazine hits the newsstands every week and began publication in 1909. It is financed and published by Society of Jesus, an order within Catholic Christianity. The order, through the magazine, had earlier hailed Kavanaugh as a constitutional textualist suspicious of judicial innovation which led to the pro-choice Roe v. Wade ruling. The editors hoped Kavanaugh’s nomination would permit Catholics to change the public's view concerning abortion. The Order hoped to make it a much less appealing choice. Incidentally, the nominee judge is a product of a private school administered by the Jesuits.

America Magazine made its new intentions clear through an op-ed published on September 27, just two months after the publication earlier endorsed Kavanaugh. The magazine editors said the testimony by Christine Blasey Ford clearly displayed the seriousness of the assault allegation foisted on Judge Kavanaugh. The results of the nomination will influence the United States as a whole. The editorial continued in this vein, stating that the editors of the publication have no way of knowing who tells the truth, but if it is established that the allegations are a partial truth and further investigations would be needed to clear the name of the Judge, then there is no point to the nomination for America’s best interests.

Kavanaugh was accused by Ford of sexually assaulting her during a high school party in 1982. Both studied in the same school. According to Ford, he was inebriated and groped her while pinning her down. He then tried to take off her clothes. These accusations were vehemently denied by Kavanaugh.

The editors stated if the nomination continues to get support from Senate Republicans, then the party will effectively be championing policy aims overwhelming the woman's assault report. In case of a successful nomination, the implications would color the court's decisions for a decade. The country, they warned, would be divided further. The magazine warned Republicans, especially who are on the all-important committee, against voting for the Judge. The GOP must do so only after it investigated completely the claims made by the three women who have accused him. If needed, they opined, additional witnesses must also be called.


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