Labyrinth Boulder City

Despite Nye vs Ham Debate, Religion and Science Merge at Nevada Church

Labyrinth Prayer Garden in Boulder City, Nevada
While Bill Nye and Ken Ham debate each other over science and religion (a biased play-by-play can be read here), a harmony between the two exists at a Boulder City, Nevada church.

St. Andrew Catholic Community Church sits in a well-landscaped desert area. Their website implies they are a very accepting and liberal church, welcoming those who are married, divorced, separated, gay, straight, and everything in-between. Despite the word “Catholic” in their organization name, they welcome persons of all faiths.

With this type of broad invitation, it is not surprising that the church has an area acknowledging and embracing the history of the universe and earth. Their labyrinth area is decorated with many bronze placards engraved with facts about the universe. The “formation of the universe” 13 billion years ago, the arrival of humans to Earth 3.5 million years ago, and “In relation to 13 billion years, the church is 5 seconds old,” are a few of the signs posted.

The outdoor labyrinth area was modeled after one in France, at the Cathédrale de Chartres, and is used as an area for prayers. The project was commissioned by a former pastor, Joe Annese. The labyrinth is open daily until 10:30 p.m.


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