By LoneStarMike (Own work) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

By LoneStarMike (Own work) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Three other GOP leaders have also been targeted.

There have been concerted efforts to remove Dr. Shahid Shafi, a Tarrant County, Texas GOP leader, because he’s Muslim. Dr. Shafi presently holds the vice-chairman post and is not the only one to be targeted for removal. A few Republicans have gunned for three more of their fellow Republicans to be removed. The list includes Darl Easton, the leader of Tarrant County Republicans, Lisa Grimaldi Abdulkareem, a chairwoman of a GOP precinct and the vice-chairwoman of Tarrant County Republican Recruitment Division. She is married to an American Muslim. The last is Kelly Canon, the chairwoman of another GOP precinct and who is believed by a few Republicans to have Democratic undertones. The latter view is expressed in a series of emails exchanged between a few Republican members.

There have been a few concerted calls for the above Republicans to be ousted from their leadership positions as described in a emails sent by Dale Attebery, a Republican, to others in the GOP. Those messages were printed out and sent anonymously to The Star-Telegram. In his October 18 email, Attebery wrote that the ousting process is similar to any political campaign, but for the party leadership position. He wrote that two Republican party post holders do not belong in their positions and do not have the interest of avid TEA partiers, loyal Republicans, and “good” Republicans in their minds. The same email went on to demand Easton’s resignation. Yet another email pointed out it is the correct time to oust Canon, and refers to her as a closet Democrat.

Efforts to throw out a few GOP leaders started during the early months of 2018 when Dorrie O’Brien, a Republican functionary, requested the reconsideration of Shafi’s appointment. Moves like these expanded within the base after the November 6 election which incidentally gave Democrats the Tarrant County seat in the United States Senate race.

Those Republicans who want to throw out Dr. Shafi insist that such a move has no relation to religion. Instead, they say, the member of Southlake City Council and a noted surgeon, may be loyal to Islamic law or Islam. It is alleged that the Muslim Republican could be even associated with “Islamic terror groups.”

Not all Republicans agree that leaders should be changed if they are perceived to belong to the wrong religion. Abdulkareem, who herself is under attack, voiced those other viewpoints when she said that if the GOP does not fight those who discriminate, then the party will fall.


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