Only a quarter of white evangelical youth now support Trump.

Electoral support for Donald Trump comes mainly from White American evangelicals. White evangelicals formed the crux of his vote bank back in 2016. If Trump wants to be re-elected in 2020, this is the community he will have to convince of his leadership ability.

It may not seem like a difficult task, given that white evangelical leaders have strongly supported President Trump’s policies and argued for him when met with critics. However, recent findings from surveys have thrown up data which indicate otherwise.

FiveThirtyEight conducted a data analysis which found only six out of ten white evangelicals under 45 supported Trump. Which may seem like a good odd to have, but it shows a sharp decline, especially when contrasted with older adults above the age of 45.

Eight in ten white evangelicals above the age of 45 support Donald Trump’s presidency. If we go deeper into the data available, we see only a quarter of white evangelical youth consider Trump in a favorable light as opposed to 55 percent of older white evangelicals.

The new findings only look problematic when you assess them in comparison to the data from 2016. Dr. Ryan Burge, Political Science professor at Eastern Illinois University and evangelical data wonk, took it upon himself to make this analysis. According to his study, he found that the popularity Donald Trump enjoyed among the aged white evangelical population remains more or less the same.

The support Trump has enjoyed from young white evangelicals has taken a nosedive. The percentage of supporters he enjoyed from this demographic has fallen to 61 percent from 70 percent. If President Trump would like another presidential tenure at the White House, this is a statistic that he should be worried about.

What could have caused this decline of young white evangelical support for Trump? FiveThirtyEight believes it is his hardline policies on immigration. Even though around 72 percent of the white evangelical population consider a decrease in immigration to be one of their most serious political concerns now, a good 66 percent of the youth from the same community disagree. They believe that immigrants coming into the nation strengthen the nation with their talent and hard work. The older lot believes the opposite.

This new data may not impact Trump’s presidential campaign to a great extent. He continues to enjoy popular support within the community which bolsters his chances of re-election.


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