Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli are awaiting a legal ruling.

While Lori Loughlin, known to many as Aunt Becky from the sitcom Full House, awaits a legal ruling for her role in the scandal concerning college admissions, the 54-year-old star is continuing to maintain a usual facade. A source knowledgeable about her personal life said she remains composed as much as possible given the circumstances. It is claimed that Loughlin has a strong faith which has immensely helped her. The actress is keeping a regular schedule of pilates and yoga and meeting friends for lunch. She was seen leaving a yoga class on March 30 and avoiding questions from reporters.

Those in the know say the actress is doing well, despite Loughlin’s recent arrest and indictment. She is presently doing the activities she likes to enjoy the most to get her past this difficult period in her life. Loughlin, along with Mossimo Giannulli, her husband, are charged in a college admissions scam. This cheating scam encompassed elite universities and colleges like Yale, Stanford, and the University of Southern California. The couple allegedly spent $500,000 so her two daughters Isabella Rose (20 years old) and Olivia Jade (19 years old) would be designated as recruits in a rowing team even though they have never rowed. It remains hazy as to whether the daughters knew about the scheme.

Both Giannulli and Loughlin appeared in a Boston courtroom on April 3 and had a six-minute hearing. The couple waived their legal right to any preliminary hearing and agreed before a judge to some pretrial conditions like not possessing any firearms, and they also surrendered their passports. Both face multiple felony charges relating to the conspiracy of committing mail fraud along with honest services mail fraud. They have still not entered any pleas in cases against them. The court is yet to set another date.

Both Giannulli and Loughlin were spotted during the first week of April in Orange County, California. They seemed to be tense while they sat and talked. The second week of April witnessed Loughlin with her daughter Isabella Rose smiling together while running errands in the posh locality of Beverly Hills. Mother and daughter shared a warm embrace while they patiently waited for the valet to come back with their car.


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