First time being Baptized! Corporate Worship is a beautiful thing!! Cleansed & Reborn in JESUS name!!??? #WholeHeartedly  Via Twitter

First time being Baptized! Corporate Worship is a beautiful thing!! Cleansed & Reborn in JESUS name!!??? #WholeHeartedly
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The team never shied away from exhibiting their Christian faith in public
The Christian devout are showering praise on the Philadelphia Eagles for exhibiting their Christian faith before they played the game against Carolina Panthers. The NFL team members rallied around wide receiver Marcus Johnson when he was being baptized in their hotel pool. The list of witnesses includes quarterbacks Carson Wentz and Nick Foles, tight ends Zach Ertz and Trey Burton, linebacker Jordan Hicks and offensive guard Stefen Wisniewski. A photo taken at the venue shows the team praying as they stand around the pool where Johnson was being baptized.

The Philadelphia Eagles team never hesitated to show their Christian faith in public. In fact, the team credits it as one of the major driving forces behind their on-field victories. The baptism of Johnson was followed by the Eagles' victory 28-23 over Carolina Panthers. The team has made it a point to display their faith in multiple ways. Carson Wentz, the team's quarterback, made the vow to play their game for a single person audience (Audience of One). Other members of the Eagles' team share their Christian testimonies through Bible app devotionals. Wentz is also the face of this franchise. The team regularly hosts baptisms, Bible studies and a number of other faith-centric activities.

In an interview, Wentz elaborated on the reason Jesus is his priority. He said, "I never want to be the guy who's beating people over the head with the Bible. That's not what I'm about. That's not really what Christianity is about. Christianity is all about love and showing that love and that kindness and that grace.”

Trey Burton is dubbed as 'Team Pastor' by ESPN. He baptized five fellow teammates in the recovery pool in October 2016. Like Johnson's baptism, 15 team members were at each event. The list of players baptized include wide receivers David Watford and Paul Turner and linebackers Jordan Hicks, Kamu Grugier-Hill, and Mychal Kendricks.

Carson Wentz, Wisniewski, and Burton attended a live broadcast of the Philadelphia radio show of Faith on the Field at Eastern University in Pennsylvania. It was reported by the media that there were a sizable audience-about 2,000 people- for the event. The people came even though the weather at that time was a hostile one.


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