Finding Noah, Documentary Trailer Released – Watch the Filmmaker’s Search for Noah’s Ark

Finding Noah
Timing is everything. Following the hooray and controversy din created by the successful release of Noah starring Russell Crowe, documentary filmmakers Brent Baum (Director/Producer) and Matthew Marsden (Producer) have released the first trailer for Finding Noah, a film that follows explorers in harsh conditions through a dangerous mountain range in Turkey in search for evidence of Noah’s Ark.

Check out the Finding Noah trailer below, and let us know what you think in the comments:

Baum, the Finding Noah’s director, explains more about the documentary’s concept: “Man’s need for exploration has been present since the beginning of time. We had the opportunity to film a brave group of explorers during a month long expedition on the summit of one of the world’s largest and most irascible mountains. Not to mention the fact that the mountain happens to be in the middle of a geo-politically contentious area…”

The production is situated on a 17,000-foot tall mountain in Turkey, Agri Dagh (translation: “The Painful Mountain”), near Syria, Iraq, and Iran.

A voyage of this caliber can only be completed by the best of breed. Baum says “These men risked their lives to do something few others have been able or even allowed to do. In every moment of the expedition, there were risks of deadly rocks falls, glacial ice falls, hidden crevasses and even kidnappings, yet without hesitation, they continued on their journey for answers.”

Finding Noah has just wrapped principal photography. Following this first movie trailer, they’ll release a series of interviews and clips on their social media networks.

Finding Noah is a production of 17K ASL, a Los Angeles-based creative development and production company. Director/Producer Brent Baum helped develop, produce, finance, sell and distribute over a dozen motion pictures as a film executive. Some films include THE WEDDING PLANNER and EYE OF THE BEHOLDER. Finding Noah is his first documentary. Partner and Producer Matthew Marsden is also an actor and can be seen in films such as BLACKHAWK DOWN, TRANSFORMERS 2, RAMBO and ATLAS SHRUGGED.

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