Katy Perry Grammy Awards 2012

Katy Perry at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards in 2012. Photo by: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com.

Non-Christian Katy Perry talked about her pre-performance thoughts with Ryan Seacrest on the Grammy Awards red carpet.

Right after her Super Bowl performance that was talked about all last week, Katy Perry performed a more sobering song on Sunday night at The Grammy Awards.

Opening with a pre-recorded message from Barack Obama about domestic violence, the spotlight shone on a survivor of domestic violence, Brooke Axtell, who dramatically told her story as a way to empower women to seek help.

The camera then turned to Katy Perry, draped in a white gown reminiscent of a Papal robe. With a stark, minimal backdrop, she performed her song “By the Grace of God.” It was a drastic change from her happy, color drenched Super Bowl performance.

On the Grammy Awards red carpet, Perry dished about God to Ryan Seacrest while recalling the halftime show:

“I was praying and I got a word from God and he says, ‘You got this and I got you. And then I was on top of the lion and a random guy looked at me with a headset that I’d never communicated with before, he looked me straight in the eyes and said ‘You got this.’ And I was like, ‘Oh, that’s God confirming I can do this!'”

Perry no longer claims to be a Christian, but she was once a Christian singer and her parents are pastors. She also says she used prayer and meditation to prepare for the big show.

She told Marie Claire in 2013:
“I’m not Buddhist, I’m not Hindu, I’m not Christian, but I still feel like I have a deep connection with God. I pray all the time—for self-control, for humility. There’s a lot of gratitude in it. Just saying ‘thank you’ sometimes is better than asking for things.”


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