The guide shows teachers how to treat LGBT students.

UK’s chief rabbi has published a guide to protect LGBT students. Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis wants to protect these children from transphobic and homophobic bullying.

Known as The Wellbeing of LGBT+ Pupils, it is a booklet consisting of 36 pages, with input from various LGBT Jews. KeshetUK, which is popular for encouraging equality in the Jewish community for LGBT members, also supported the rabbi’s efforts. KeshetUK’s Executive Director, Dalia Fleming, said that the organization was proud to work with the chief rabbi, as it will have a positive impact on their community. The organization now hopes to work with members of the community, by putting this guide into effect to help LGBT members.

Ephraim Mirvis wanted the children to feel safe, regardless of whether they were in their community, at home or in school. He wants them to feel protected and loved, irrespective of their gender or sexual identity.

Chief rabbi promotes equality

By using Torah values, the booklet shows teachers how to handle various issues. For instance, he suggested a zero-tolerance policy for students who use the word gay to insult others. He believes that it is essential for Jews to eliminate homophobia, once and for all. He also wants the Jews to treat everyone with love and respect.

It is important to understand his methods of introducing change in the community. Rather than attacking the practices and beliefs of his people, he teaches them how to be compassionate and thoughtful. By using the right language, he avoids creating problems within his community.

Mirvis found out LGBT Jews found it challenging to be themselves, as they could never express their true feelings to anyone. If any of their friends or family members got to know about their struggles, they will get rejected, ridiculed, and expelled. Some of them even lost faith in God, while others were scared of losing their sense of belonging within the Jewish community.


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