UK Police Force Unveils New Uniform for Female Muslim Officers

Check Out the New Uniform for Female Muslim Police Officers in the UK

UK Police Force Unveils New Uniform for Female Muslim Officers
By Mtaylor848 [CC BY-SA 4.0 ], from Wikimedia Commons
This move was done to include more ethnic women among the force.

The West Yorkshire Police became the first police force in the United Kingdom to offer its female recruits an alternative uniform[/tweetit] in its attempt to make the workforce mirror the society it services. The uniform was especially tailored for Muslim female officers, and it will not show the wearer's female form. The West Yorkshire Police anticipate that the looser garments will encourage ethnic minority recruits to sign up.

Check Out the New Uniform for Female Muslim Police Officers in the UK[/tweetthis]

For British police forces, this kind of adjustment to multicultural Britain is nothing new. Multiple law enforcement units already permit their female officers to wear the Islamic headscarf, known as a hijab. This is the first time, however, when an entire uniform has been edited to conform to ethnic demands. Angela Williams, the Assistant Chief Constable, confirmed that the West Yorkshire Police has trialed a brand-new uniform especially to be worn by women officers. Designers of this uniform, she added, were aware that the female contours of the wearer must not show. Williams said the suggestion for the new design came from a female officer who was herself a Muslim. The design was finalized by the clothing manager after communication with the former.

The Crime Panel and West Yorkshire Police have asked police chiefs on September 14, concerning their actions to boost the official count from minority and black recruits. According to Dee Collins, the Chief Constable, the tight fit of the existing uniform could have deterred many prospective police female recruits.

Assistant Chief Constable Williams said the new outfit has a longer and looser fit. It also has full sleeves. Police officers have welcomed such a uniform, and the force has ordered greater supplies of this uniform so that other willing female Muslim officers could take up the clothes. She said that it is her hope that a larger number of people from unrepresented groups will join the force as many were put off by the prospect of wearing a figure revealing fitted uniform. She concluded by adding that the West Yorkshire Police is an open suggestion from all communities so that the uniform could be stylized in a different manner to suit the requirements.

The proportion of ethnic minorities have shown a marginal increase in 2018. It is now 5.6 percent compared to five percent in 2015. PC Firzana Ahmed became the first officer to wear this new kit. She told the media that the new uniform garnered positive feedback from her Bradford local community.


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