The amount of funds Paisley needed to make this a reality comes to $1.2 million.

Country Singer Brad Paisley, and his wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley have partnered with Belmont University with the intention to launch a grocery store where customers do not have to pay a single penny. The proposed site of this store is in Nashville. This free of cost grocery store will be named "The Store."

The idea for such an establishment came to Kimberly when she noticed her children acted spoiled and entitled when it came to shopping for Christmas and Thanksgiving. To remedy matters, the Paisley family paid a visit to Unity Shoppe. The latter is a non-profit charity which operates a free grocery store all around the year. The store also stocks clothing. The Paisleys were pleasantly surprised to discover that a majority of Unity Shoppe patrons were loath to receive handouts. Respect and dignity were important to them even in poverty. Many simply want to be financially independent.

Paisley explained his dream, which he wants to make a reality, consisting of a grocery store where people suffering financial difficulties due to unforeseen circumstances can shop with dignity. He said all of us can be paupers anytime and anywhere if the circumstances suddenly become hostile. The store is for those hard times, and he is sure that it will help the down-on-luck person to get on his or her feet. For a person to be eligible to shop at this store, the individual needs to be referred either by a government agency or a non-profit entity.

According to the Tennessean, the insides of the store will mimic a contemporary food pantry. It will serve non-perishable and perishable groceries free of cost for one year. The construction of the structure will begin in 2019 on the clause that the project gets adequate funding to the tune of $1.2 million. The Paisleys will make the necessary initial donation.

The country singer will do more than open a single store. His organization will offer practical on-job training. The efforts will be complemented by Legal Aid Ministry and also healthcare clinics. It is clear the Paisleys truly want to assist families fallen on hard circumstances. The aim is to serve approximately 3,000 individuals every year. Dr. Bob Fisher, the President of Belmont University, said the Paisleys are doing a extraordinary work by setting up the store as helping others is the best privilege.


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