Faith in Recovery Pt 12

Faith-Based addiction recovery statistics and information.

In our series, Faith in Recovery, World Religion News has investigated the dangers of substance addiction and the methods used to help those afflicted. We have seen that religious organizations, while sometimes slow at acknowledging the problem, have unique advantages, as well as some unique disadvantages.

What can be universally agreed upon as troubling is the cost of addiction in America in billions of dollars and lives. We also can agree there is a lack of service. Many who want to get help are unable to do so and those who do can receive inadequate treatment.

The final installment of our series is Faith in Recovery: Faith-Based Addiction Recovery Quick Facts Infographic. This infographic includes details on the current state of addiction, some balanced understanding of faith-based programming, and some information that can be used to help seek treatment for yourself or for someone you know that may be dealing with dependency issues.

Overall, WRN states one of the most important aspects is to find the treatment program that is beneficial to you and ones that operates using best practices. For more information, we recommend reading our series and the sites listed in the infographic.

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Share this Infographic on Your Site


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