Stop Making Fun of Wiccans

Stop Making Fun of Wiccans

Wicca has Every Right to Exist and Practice Maybe Even More so than Other Religions. If someone told you they were a Wiccan what

Witch Hunts in China Used to Attack Women

Witch Hunts in China Used to Attack Women

New Study Sheds Light on Social Implications of Being Labelled a Witch The concept of witchcraft has existed in divergent cultures for thousands of

Top 5 Books For Wiccans

Top 5 Books Every Wiccan Should Own

The mysticism combined with the taboo nature of Wiccans and Paganism breeds an increased interest in Wiccan practices. While many pieces of literature are

Margot Adler

Remembering Wiccan priestess and NPR Correspondent Margot Adler

Pagan Journalist Margot Adler, famous for her public association with Wicca and reporting with NPR, passed away July 28. Margot Adler passed away on July 28 from

Carlton Gebbia

“Real Housewives” Pagan Witch Casting Spells Trouble Ahead

The latest addition to Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is not your typical cookie-cutter television wife: She’s actually a practicing Wiccan. Carlton

Jamyi Witch

Pagan Prison Chaplain Dismissed of All Charges

In 2011, Jamyi J. Witch, a Pagan prison chaplain, was accused of conspiring to create a hostage situation, on top of trafficking drugs, that