A novel-like bible called Pierced: The New Testament is aimed at teens with busy schedules.

Research conducted by Barna research group, commissioned by the American Bible Society reveals that only a quarter of the youth read the Bible more than once a week. However, senior manager of the national movements mobilization at the American Bible Society says that this decline in Bible-reading habits in the youth should not be blamed on them being “uninterested or anti-faith,” but rather on the fact that today's life and school-curriculum has made things very hectic for the youth. As such, finding time to actually sit and read the Bible is becoming difficult. Coinciding with this opinion is the finding that 53 percent youth said that they actually wished they could find more time to read the Bible.

Figures show that 69 percent of the youth have their own Bibles with them. 14 percent youth admitted that their Bible-reading habits have declined in the last year. Of this number, 41 percent have said that the decline was due to hectic workloads. On the brighter side, 18 percent said their Bible-reading habit has increased in the past year. 55 percent of this number revealed that the reason for this is that they have come to understand “the Bible as an important part of their journeys.”

Studies have also established that reading habits in general have increased among the youth. The decline in Bible-reading however can be attributed to the fact that people have made Bible-reading more of an obligation, something that is solemn and serious, according to Rick Lawrence, the editor of a new version of the Bible written like a novel, Pierced: The New Testament.

Pierced: The New Testament is an all new approach to Bible reading which includes the recasting of the whole Biblical history and classical language into a style that modern novelists adopt. As such, it is hoped that youngsters will find it interesting and will be motivated to read the Bible more often and even spread the habit to others.

The novel-style Bible will have all the traditional systems of classification such as chapter, verse and others removed. Instead, illustrations and easy to follow guides will be incorporated. The special feature of this novel is that actual notes of 10 teenagers from across the world have been incorporated into it.

The Bible is now available for purchase across Christian retail stores.


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