Quarterback Drew Brees is vocal about his Christian faith.

Drew Brees, the New Orleans Saints quarterback, broke the NFL all-time passing yardage record Monday night. Peyton Manning previously held the record.

True to his form, Brees immediately ran to the sideline and embraced his wife. He also took his children into his arms. When asked by the media as to what he told them, his answer was frank and direct. The history-making quarterback said he told his wife and his children the same words he tells them each and every night before tucking them into bed: they can accomplish anything they want in life provided they are willing to work towards the goal. He pointed out that everything comes at a price and nothing in the world is offered for free. Drew Brees said God has equipped every person on earth for great works.

For Brees, Christianity is not something to hide. He is known to be vocal concerning his Christian faith. The talented athlete has also encouraged other athletes to match actions with what they have previously said. Brees has described in multiple interviews how following a faith-centric lifestyle changed his life for the better.

Brees is well aware that actions are much more effective than words and convey much more than empty words ever would. He is generous when it comes to charities. He has donated money to recovery projects devoted to Hurricane Katrina. A significant slice of his endorsement money goes to charity. All this giving has earned him a reputation of a caring and generous celebrity. New Orleans residents even have given him the "Breesus" nickname.

The quarterback is utterly devoted to his family and regards his children as God's gifts. He said the injury he sustained during the time he played for the San Diego Chargers, and which sent him to New Orleans, was actually the best thing to happen in his life. He claims these events were part of God's plan for him.

If Brees was discreet about one bit of knowledge, it is about which denomination he identifies himself with. However, all accounts of his religious beliefs point to born-again or evangelical Christianity. He confessed to accepting Jesus Christ in his heart on his 17th birthday. According to him, the church pastor at that time said God searches for good men, and he thought he could be one of the good men.


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