Rabbi Michael Shevack - Israel

Law for Peace: Beyond Palestinian and Israeli Land Claims

The idea hit me as I was driving, through the border from Germany to France: Germany, a separate state? France, a separate state? So,

Displaced Rohingya peope in Rakhine State By Foreign and Commonwealth Office - Flickr, OGL

Are Christians the Most Persecuted Religion? Pew Report on Religious Harassment By L. Arik Greenberg, Ph.D.

In the summer of 2018, the Pew Research Center released a report on the state of religious persecution, restriction and harassment in the world;

If I Were the Devil: The Key to Resolving Religious Conflicts By Wayne Edward Hanson

“If I were the devil,” said newscaster Paul Harvey in a 1965 radio broadcast, “I’d soon have families at war with themselves, churches at

Ahmadiyya Muslims: “Love for all Hatred for None” By Asifa Kainat

In today’s world where many people are biased about Islam and Muslims, I want to introduce you to the sect of Islam that I

Marie-Paul Baxiu

Falun Gong: A Reply to Chinese Oppression (Interview)

The Communist regime in China has a long history of religious suppression which began in the 1950s when Mao Zedong drove missionaries out of

The 2020 Edition of The Muslim 500

A press release put out by The Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre announced: The 2020 Edition of the annual publication ‘The Muslim 500: The

Yom Kippur and You: An Interview with Rabbi Ron Li-Paz

For those not raised Jewish, the High Holy Days may seem confusing or strange, something from another time and place. But according to Rabbi

Christian ‘Daily Show’ Host Trevor Noah had a Bar Mitzvah

Christian boy Trevor Noah looks to his Jewish mother as his hero. Trevor Noah is one of the most outspoken Christian celebrities. Current host

NFL QB Steve Young on Faith, Football, & Anxiety in New Book

NFL QB Steve Young on Faith, Football, & Anxiety in New Book

Mormon football player Steve Young's new book QB: My Life Behind the Spiral details his career and faith. Steve Young is a colossus in

“Don’t Be Afraid to Pray” Says Heisman Winner Derrick Henry

Derrick Henry believes he is living proof that God answers. Derrick Henry, running back for the University of Alabama, won the Heisman Trophy this