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Chris Pratt Reads the Birth of Christ at Disneyland’s Candlelight Ceremony

Chris Pratt Reads the Birth of Christ at Disneyland’s Candlelight Ceremony
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Disneyland has held the Candlelight Ceremony since 1955.

Chris Pratt, the noted Hollywood actor, was the guest of choice during Disneyland’s Christmas celebration.[/tweetit] The actor, who is not shy to publicize his Christian faith, did not allow the chance to go by to extoll God’s multiple virtues to the diverse crowd. He read from the Bible on stage and recounted Jesus Christ's birth.

The Disneyland theme park has held a yearly Christmas themed Candlelight Ceremony from the time it opened in 1955. The focus of the event, an invitation-only extravaganza, is to celebrate and remember the birth of Christ.

Chris Pratt Reads the Birth of Christ at Disneyland’s Candlelight Ceremony[/tweetthis]

As the name suggests, the ceremony was clearly religious and included local church choirs. The singers sang traditional hymns from the Bible. There were also readings from the Holy Book. He reminded the audience that approximately 2,000 years back, God dispatched Gabriel, an angel, to Nazareth city in Galilee. The angel met the Virgin Mary who was betrothed to her future husband Joseph, from the house of David. The actor then read lines from the Gospel of Luke, where it was written that the angel told Mary to rejoice as God is with her. Gabriel assured Mary and told her not to be afraid as the Almighty has favored her. The actor concluded his speech by saying the angel’s words of Mary giving birth to Jesus.

The Jurassic Park actor ended the night with a personal message. He informed the audience that being a father has helped him to comprehend God’s love. He said the more parents love their children, the more they will comprehend the good Lord’s capacity to love us. He pointed out that every person in the world is a child of God and the Lord marvels at the number of ways to make him happy. Pratt concluded his speech by saying that it is important to continue to spread goodwill and peace all over the world.

This Christmas celebration at Disneyland was the same as last year, a night full of Bible readings and sacred choral music. Illuminated candles were in abundance during the event. A celebrity guest gets invited every year to read from Gospel of Luke as present in the Bible. The said Gospel narrates the story leading to the birth of Christ. Pratt made himself distinct by engaging with the attendees at a personal level.


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