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Chris Pratt Preaches About God at MTV Movie & TV Awards

Chris Pratt Preaches At MTV MTV Movie & TV Awards About God
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Chris Pratt Wanted Audience To Know “God Is Real.”

The MTV Movie and TV Awards is not exactly a forum for celebrities to speak about their religion. While singers and stars may include a shout-out to their faith during their thank you speeches, that generally is the extent of it.

Chris Pratt Preaches About God at MTV Movie & TV Awards[/tweetthis]

Chris Pratt decided to do it differently. When he won the Generational Award at the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards, he spent a significant amount of time talking about faith and God.

The hugely popular actor, known for his roles in Parks and Recreation, Jurassic World, and Guardians of the Galaxy used his time to give “9 Rules of Good Living According to Chris Pratt.” He told the audience everyone has a soul, “God is real”, and everyone should “learn to pray.”

Chris Pratt has credited his faith with his success as an actor. He did not become a Christian until his late teenage years when a man at a grocery store approached him about Jesus. Pratt did not precisely know what drove him to listen to this stranger, but he followed him to church and became devout overnight. He believes it gave his life structure and the strength to stop using drugs, which allowed him to begin his acting career.

Pratt has also talked to the media about how praying gave him faith when his son Jack was born nine weeks premature and spent a month in the intensive care ward at the hospital.

Pratt not only talked about faith but how to avoid being a bully and how to politely poop at a party. While some actors are criticized for pushing their religious or political beliefs during award ceremonies, Pratt has received a positive reaction from the media.


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