NSL Studio Paris

French job listing incites anger for denying Jews, Studio says they were hacked

An advertisement for a job in France has angered many around the world for it's explicit antisemitism with an explicit "no Jews." NSL Studio,

Serial Podcast

How Syed and the Serial Podcast Exposed Religious Bias

The Serial podcast by Sarah Koenig explains how the case of Adnan Syed has exposed religious prejudice against Muslims in the American justice system. There have been many different

British Police Issue Apology for How They Handled This Sikh Hate Crime

The UK Police correct their actions following an incident where a Sikh man's turban was burned by a woman in a racially charged attack.

The Satanic Temple Continues To Battle For Equal Treatment In Florida

After last year's holiday display was rejected, the Satanic Temple has recruited legal help for this year's effort. It is the holiday season once

The Surprising Thing You Shouldn’t Mention on Your Resume

photo: flazingo.com Which religions are good to have on your resume? Which ones hurt your odds of being hired? These are the questions a

Bowdoin College

Christian College Clubs Face Scrutiny for Wanting Christian Leaders

College clubs centered on religions are being accused of discrimination for excluding non-believers from leadership roles. Over the last ten years there have been a variety

Storming Zion Blog

Storming Zion: A Historical Account of Government Raids on New Religious Movements

Four years ago I set out with my colleague Susan Palmer to collect data on government raids targeting new or nontraditional religious movements (NRMs).