Rapper Lecrae May Be the Next Evangelical Voice

Rapper Lecrae is spreading the gospel. Lecrae Devaughn Moore is a new kind of evangelical archetype. He is a 36-year-old Grammy Award winner. His

Why Rapper Hopsin Quit Being a Christian But Promises to Become 100% Devoted If God Proves Himself as Real

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Dr. Ron Neal and Lecrae

Can Religion and Hip Hop Coexist?

Left: Dr. Ron Neal, Instructor at Wake Forest University. Right: Lecrae, Recording Artist Although many may feel that that religion and hip hop, like

Rapping Buddhist Nuns

These Rapping Buddhist Nuns Stun the World With Their Hip Hop Prayers

This is not your typical Buddhist nun. When you picture Buddhist prayers, what comes to most people's minds is something very sedate, and very