Vatican and China Bishops

Vatican and China are Patching Up Dispute Over Bishops

The Asian country remains the last spiritual challenge for the Vatican The Vatican and the People's Republic of China have reached an agreement to

Vatican Communication new look

Vatican Social Media Re-branding Has Reached Over 4 Million Followers

Consolidation and increase digital media The various media outlets of the Vatican have enjoyed a fresh increase in the number of followers[/tweetit] after the

Putin Supports Vatican-Russian Orthodox meeting

Putin Supports Recent Dialogue Between Vatican and Russian Orthodox Church

Both churches agreed on playing humanitarian roles Russian President Vladimir Putin welcomed the meeting between Russian Orthodox Church and the Vatican[/tweetit]. The Russian President

Trump to Nominate Callista Gingrich as Ambassador of the United States to the Vatican

Callista Gingrich reportedly chosen to become Ambassador of the United States to the Vatican. Callista Gingrich, an author of children's books and wife to

Another 7 Catholic Churches Ordered to Close in New York

The New York Archdiocese recently announced that it will close seven more Catholic churches in response to a reported shortage of both priests and