Bernie Sanders Meets Pope Francis After Vatican Speech

Bernie Sanders Meets Pope Francis After Vatican Speech

Sanders makes a speech at the Vatican and visits briefly with Pope Francis. Ever since Bernie Sanders's campaign announced his trip to Rome to

Pope Francis May Visit Greece During Refugee Deportations

The Pope may be visiting Greece next week to support deportees during the refugee crisis. UPDATE: The Vatican has confirmed Pope Francis will go

Scientologist Launches “Carry the Future” to Aid Refugee Parents

A Scientologist is providing relief to refugee parents with baby carriers to help transport their young children. The term “refugees” has been in the

Current European leaders are leaning towards atheism

Alexis Tsipras was sworn in as Greece’s first openly atheist leader and is one of many European leaders who don't believe in God, including

Prayer Ruled Constitutional

Government Prayers Ruled Constitutional by US Supreme Court

This Monday the Supreme Court ruled that opening a city council or other public board meeting with a prayer is Constitutional. They ruled that