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YWCA Ends Menstrual Project with Satanists

YWCA Ends Menstrual Project with Satanist
By Jeffrey Beall [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
The relationship was cut after a conservative Christian made a complaint

Members of The Satanic Temple, Arizona Chapter, have volunteered money and time in 2017 to assist the local branch of the YWCA with the latter's Project Period. The objective of this approach is that no person should miss work or school simply as they do not have the required personal hygiene, clothes, and shoe supplies. Satanists helped the YWCA collect a varied list of menstrual supplies. These include menstrual cups, pads, feminine wipes, and tampons. They named it “Menstruatin' with Satan.” The action was a spectacular success. The YWCA, with the help of Satanists, collected 110 pad boxes, 64 tampon boxes, five baby wipes pockets and two menstrual cups. To store the products, the Satanists even built a sturdy storage shed.

YWCA Ends Menstrual Project with Satanists[/tweetthis]

Everything was going fantastically well until YWCA decided to end the relationship with The Satanic Temple, Arizona Chapter. This move was taken by the former after a phone call was allegedly made to the YWCA corporate office by a person who identified herself as a Christian. The YWCA corporate office sent an email soon after to the Satanists. The content of the email, in summary, said that despite all the hard work done by the Satanists in collaboration with the YWCA, the latter asked The Satanic Temple to dissolve the relationship.

The Satanic Temple organization has its headquarters in Salem, MA. It has chapters all over the United States and many of these chapters have initiated the “Menstruatin' With Satan” campaign. One of the chapters was Arizona. The YWCA email was sent to Michelle Shortt, a senior member of The Satanic Temple, YWCA.

Shortt replied that it disheartened the local branch members of The Satanic Temple that a local alliance made on the common aim of helping the community could be unraveled due to the actions of corporate bureaucrats. These bureaucrats, she noted sadly, were more concerned about not upsetting unfounded prejudices rather than helping people who need help. She added that the foremost priority of the alliance was to bring the much-needed supplies to the disadvantaged. Shortt said that she believed that the local branch of the YWCA shared an identical goal. It was unfortunate, she said, that the corporate office of the YWCA shares less altruistic concerns.

The Arizona Chapter of The Satanic Temple has inked an alliance with Go With The Flow charity[/tweetit] in Arizona. The latter will distribute The Satanic Temple's donations of menstrual hygiene products to schools all over the United States.


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