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You Can Now Stream Faith-based Movies from Christian Cinema on Apple TV


The Christian Cinema app is now available on Apple TV.

The world's biggest library of Christian films, an extremely viable category, is now simply a single click away. This is made possible by Christian Cinema’s release of the first time Apple TV app for families having faith. According to Bobby Downes, the CEO and founder of Christian Cinema, the content is curated from the top Christian filmmakers, and all titles in a single place is rare in cinema.

You Can Now Stream Faith-based Movies from Christian Cinema on Apple TV.[/tweetthis]

Consumers opting for the Apple TV app will:

It is predicted by Parks Associates that a staggering 86 million streaming kind of media players would be sold all over the world in 2019. Christian Cinema has previously launched an app. This creation was made for the Roku line, at present holding the number one spot when it comes to market share. 

Christian Cinema will offer Electronic Sell Through (EST) and Transactional Video On Demand (TVOD) through Customers of Christian Book can rent or buy the videos through standard Christian Book shopping cart to collect and make their personal digital movie library. Families also get the latest and the newest releases prior to them going to the subscription platforms.

Content will be streamed through the digital platform created specially by Christian Cinema. This will be done through an embeddable and proprietary player on the Christian Book site. Customers of Christian Book could stream movies from their respective accounts and then link that particular account to the Christian Cinema apps found in mobile devices, television platforms like Apple TV and Roku and also on platforms and platforms like Android, PlayStation and Xbox.

The Vice-President of Christian Cinema, Jared Geesey, said that faith-centric content is a highly profitable seam for industry leaders, distributors, consumers and also retailers. He added that a recent study conducted by Barna has revealed that 79 percent of the Americans polled cared about biblical values. It is natural that when Christian Cinema started to curate content from 1999, they have become synonymous with movies that mirror family, values and faith.

The General Manager of Christian Book, Paul Hendrickson, said that his company is excited to sign an agreement with Christian Cinema, pointing out that this move will help to increase the market and viewing choices for their customers.


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