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What Wish Did Sean Spicer Finally Get?

Spicer meets Pope Francis
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Ex-Press Secretary Meets His Hero

Sean Spicer, who inexplicably found himself excluded from the President Donald J. Trump entourage when the U.S. President met the pope, Spicer, whose last job was Press Secretary to the White House, resigned from the position in the latter part of July. Spicer was spotted in the Vatican where he came for the annual meeting of International Catholic Legislators Network. The former spokesman was in front, taking pictures of the pope and the gathering. Subsequent photographs show Spicer and the pontiff shaking hands.

What Wish Did Sean Spicer Finally Get?[/tweetthis]

Spicer clearly looked happy after the meeting. The Facebook page of Vatican Radio shows Spicer, a devout Catholic, taking a photograph of Pope Francis when he gave a speech to the group. It has to be noted that when he was ejected from the list of people who will meet the pope, he was angry and expressed his frustration to colleagues. Meeting the pontiff was in the 'must do' lists of activities while he was the press secretary.

President Trump in May was granted a brief private audience with the pope as a component of his foreign tour. He was joined in the trip not only by Melania, his wife, but also by Ivanka, his daughter, and Jared Kushner, his son-in-law. Rex Tillerson, the Secretary of State, and HR McMaster, the National Security Adviser, also joined the president in the trip. Melania, a practicing Catholic, requested Pope Francis to bless the rosary beads she wore. President Trump later tweeted that it was an honor for him to meet Pope Francis.

Many in the media have pointed out that Spicer himself appeared much happier than when he was holding office at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The former Press Secretary received a warm welcome in New York. It was clear the New Yorkers are not happy with Trump these days. It also helped that Spicer is being wooed by a number of companies for cushy posts with top notch salaries. A book deal payable for seven figures could also be in the offing. Maybe that was why he was smiling all through his meeting with the pope.

The meeting where Spicer was a participant took place with International Legislators Network, a nonpartisan organization, where participants discussed the relationship between politics and Christianity.


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