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Wiccan Ostara Rituals for Rebirth & Renewal

Wiccan Ostara Rituals for Rebirth & Renewal

Wiccans celebrate Ostara on March 21 with rituals showing thankfulness for nature’s rebirth.

For Wiccans, the spring equinox holds a particular resonance. Known as Ostara, it is a time of celebration, when members of the Wiccan community will come together to witness the resurrection of nature after its winter hibernation. For them, it is a time of rebirth and renewal, and as a result they have a number of different rituals which practitioners may carry out to mark the occasion.

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Ostara is analogous to Easter in Christianity, as both occasions fall on the spring equinox, and both also have similar symbolism. Resurrection is a key part of Ostara, as nature is seen to be coming back to life after the harshness of winter. As a result, Wiccans welcome in the spring with rituals designed to show thankfulness for nature's rebirth. These rituals may be carried out alone, to allow a follower of Wicca to reflect personally on this time of spiritual and natural rebirth, or communally, so that a Wiccan community has a reason to come together to observe their beliefs.

Ostara rituals will typically be carried out at an altar, so as to mark them out as holding religious significance. One example of an Ostara ritual involves the passing of salt, incense, a lit candle, and water over the participant, with each element representing a different aspect of the rebirth symbolism inherent in Ostara. A High Priest or Priestess will oversee this type of ritual, and they will be the only person allowed to approach the altar directly. Each person will be called up in turn to undertake the ritual, so that everyone receives an individual cleansing and rebirthing experience. Since Wicca involves an attempt to form a direct and personal relationship with nature, it is necessary for each individual to receive the ritual from the High Priest or Priestess separately, without anyone else present in the room.

While there are countless variations on this type of ritual, since Wicca does not have the same kind of central hierarchy as other religions, each will resemble something like the ritual described above. Since the spring equinox holds great meaning in Wicca, there will be countless followers around the world undertaking Ostara rituals this March 21st.


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