This is Why ‘Witches’ Are Using Binding Spells To Oppose Trump

By Marc Nozell ( [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By Marc Nozell ( [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Thousands of ‘witches’ cast a spell on President Trump.

Last year Americans held their presidential elections and voted in President Donald Trump. In the few months, he has been in power, the North American superpower has undergone several drastic changes. First, Trump signed executive orders that put a stop to the free immigration residents of the nation were used to. His cabinet selection encouraged the prevalence of Islamophobia. Trump was also at the forefront of several military maneuvers in the Middle East, including the bombing of Syria. With each decision he has made, President Trump has gained both a lot of supporters and a lot of opposers.

This is Why ‘Witches’ Are Using Binding Spells To Oppose Trump[/tweetthis]

The sight of people taking to the streets to protest President Trump’s actions has now become a familiar one. People have protested his decisions in various places, including his hometown of New York City. Some have protested using peaceful demonstrations and others through ridicule. Last week a group publicly opposed Trump using spells.[/tweetit]

The group, known as #MagicResistance on Facebook, has 13,000 members. The group prides itself on being a neo-pagan occult made up of Americans from across the country. Group members communicate with each other on Facebook Messenger. They use the app to share their common anger and vent their helplessness against a man they feel is ruining their lives. They also use it to share experiences such as last week’s binding ceremony.

For the ceremony, members of #MagicResistance, who are self-proclaimed modern-day witches and Wiccans, stayed in their homes. Others performed the ceremony just outside the Trump Towers. The ceremony involved the use of a lot of symbolism. The witches gathered a few items before the ceremony such as black and white candles, and orange ones to represent Mr. Trump. Others opted to use Cheetos or photos to stand in for him during the ceremony. Those who participated in the ritual also used a small bowl of water as elemental water and ash to represent earth. The group also used feathers in the ritual.

The ceremony itself took place in two stages. In the first, members called on “demons of the infernal realm” and “spirits” to bring bad luck on any future endeavors of Mr. Trump. They also asked these “spirits” to protect all from any harm. Secondly, members of the ‘Bind Trump’ movement invoked the “spirits” to prevent the success of any of Trump’s supporters, whom the group said was “abetting” him. The ‘spirits’ were to achieve this feat by tearing “down [the supporters’] towers of vanity.” After this crescent moon ceremony, the members of the group were required to go out, have fun, laugh, and unwind.

Many people have questioned the purpose of the ritual. Did the people who took part in the ritual believe that they could change Trump’s time in office? The answer: not all of those who took part in the ceremony believe that it has any magical powers. 


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