Mormons and Trump are at odds with one another.

Starting with his occasional cursing to his stand on immigration, there are a lot of things that the Church of Latter-day Saints members do not like about Donald Trump. They do not like his tabloid-ready personal life. They frown upon his too many divorces. They are afraid that just like his stance against Muslims, he may take a stand against them as well. The LDS Church already has its own history of persecution. Mormons are of the opinion that Donald Trump does not respect any other religion than his own sect of Christianity.

A mistake from Donald Trump's political campaign indeed added fuel to the fire as well. A spokeswoman from the Trump campaign, while trying to defend Trump's statement on preventing Muslims from entering the Unites States, mistakenly spoke about shutting down Mormon churches.

What she actually meant was shutting down the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and not the regular Mormon churches. The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is a breakaway section of LDS that is involved in the practice of polygamy.

The state with the second most Mormon residents in the United States is Idaho. Wyoming has the third-highest Mormon population. Trump's loss in Idaho and Wyoming may typically be attributed to his unpopularity among the Mormons. Mitt Romney, a Mormon, and the 2012 Republican presidential nominee, during a televised speech at the University of Utah, referred to Trump as a bad businessman, a bad politician, and a bully. He said Trump is not fit to lead the nation.

Not all Mormons are against Trump. Matt Miles, a political scientist at the Brigham Young University-Idaho (LDS Church-owned) is a supporter of Trump said "You have a group who cares more about politics than the church, those Mormons tend to be Trump supporters."

Another Mormon, Don Peay, is of the opinion that Trump is a leader who can protect them. He said that Donald Trump is a successful businessman and a good father. He is a decisive leader as well. Peay further said "We are not electing a pastor and we are not electing a minister, we are electing the president.”  In order to survive in this tough world, you need a tough leader like Donald Trump. A lot of people do not like Trump's personal views and policies. They do not like his stance on Muslims and immigration. However, most of them like his “take-charge” attitude. Trump's policy about covering all the American citizens under health care is something that a lot of people look favorably upon as well. 


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