The number of Muslim refugees converting to Christianity in Europe is rising.

A number of Muslim refugees in Europe are converting to Christianity. The conversions are mostly happening among refugees in Switzerland and Germany, and the Muslims seeking conversion are predominantly Afghans and Kurds. So far, over 2,000 Muslims have converted to evangelical churches since 2014.

Reasons for the conversion vary, with no fixed conclusion in view. While some people view the conversions as genuine, others say that the conversions are only a selfish act on part of the refugees to receive better treatment. However, some others also observe that some of the converts may have actually been Christian the whole time, but due to fear of being attacked, kept their beliefs a secret and lived outwardly as Muslims.

It is assumed that Muslims are converting due to a huge disillusionment with the radical interpretation of Islam by the terrorists and as such, are looking for options that seem more peaceful and mild. In response to claims that Muslims are converting in order to receive better treatment, State Office for Migration Spokesperson Lea Wertheimer has assured that the same treatment is given to all refugees, irrespective of their religious affiliations.

However, rumours that the conversions are staged by the immigrants for better treatment are greatly disturbing the citizens as such conversions are not seen as spiritually genuine.  Pressure is being laid on the Church leaders to investigate more thoroughly into the conversion applications to ascertain whether it is done with a genuine intention to join Christianity or if only to obtain documents of conversion.

The rise in Muslim conversions can also create problems among the refugees themselves, authorities reveal. Conversion to another religion can qualify a Muslim for death sentence and as such, it is very much possible that the new converts are vulnerable to threats and attacks from their own countrymen.

Reports of conversions have been pouring in from all parts of Europe. Churches across the continent are seeing their congregations swelling up, mostly due to converted immigrants. For example, a church in Germany has claimed that membership has swelled up to 700 from a mere 150 just because of the immigrants. At a Catholic church in Austria, 70 percent of the 300 applicants for adult baptism are immigrants. Liverpool’s Anglican cathedral even holds a special Persian service for the immigrant attendees. In Switzerland and Germany, churches across the countries have begun worship services for Iranians and Afghans.


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