New survey shows the least religious state in the U.S.

According to the Gallup 2015 poll, New Hampshire contains the lowest number of religious people in the United States. About 20 percent of state residents have identified themselves as religious. It has narrowly beaten Vermont to the minimum religious stakes. About 22 percent of Vermont regards themselves as spiritual.

Coming back to New Hampshire, other than 20 percent identifying themselves as “very religious,” approximately 24 percent have identified themselves as “moderately religious” and about 55 percent describe themselves as “non-religious.” In Vermont, the moderately religious and non-religious come to 23 percent and 56 percent respectively. Other states where religion occupies a marginal space include Maine, Oregon, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York and Hawaii.

The statistic is important as both the two Democratic presidential nominees -and contenders- Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have addressed the issue of faith and religion during their respective campaigns for New Hampshire. Sanders termed religion as guiding principles of his life. The senator, who is Jewish by birth, also said that religion is practiced by different people in different ways. Sanders, in his speech, said that he would not be in the running for United States president if he did not harbor any robust spiritual and religious feelings.

When it came to Clinton, she also described herself as fortunate to be an individual who has faith. She mentioned that she was compelled to deal with human issues like humility and ambition, self-gratification and service during her long term in public life. Incidentally, a majority of voters resident in New Hampshire, along with other states, have cited Sanders as the candidate among the two likely to share values or care about them.

Faith is indeed an important aspect of the 2016 presidential elections. New Hampshire is the first venue of primary elections in the U.S. which culminates in the selection of the Democrat and Republican presidential nominees. After New Hampshire, the Republican candidates will fight it out in South Carolina. It is one of the most religious states, holding the seventh position in religious rankings. About 51 percent of the population describe themselves as “very religious.” About 31 percent describe themselves as “moderately religious” and 32 percent of the surveyed population was found to be “non-religious.” When all the states are taken into account, Mississippi is found to be most religious state.


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