Westboro Baptist Church Battles LGBT in Streets Over Gay Student

ERIN M is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The infamous organization was protesting a high school senior for being openly gay

The John Burroughs School in Missouri became a physical representation of different ideologies when counter-protestors met the Westboro Baptist Church protest of Jake Bain.

Who is Jake Bain and why has he garnered such national attention?

Jake Bain is a high school senior and star running back for his school’s football team. He is planning to play for Indiana State University in the fall when he graduates. He is also openly gay.

His sexuality has caused the Westboro Baptist Church to place three dozen people with protest signs outside the school. In a press release, the organization called Jake a “smirking, proud, *** child.” They have claimed that it is against the will of God to be openly gay and that the school and American society at large should not be supporting him.

The fringe group is known for their extreme public protests. They have protested burials of American veterans killed overseas as proof that God is angry with America for gay marriage.

Jake subsequently thanked all the support he received from groups. The hashtag #StandwithJake became trending as people were counter-protesting, with thousands of mentions on social media. People have claimed that the counter-protesting is a victory for LGBT rights.

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