‘Wendy's Wonderful Kids’ Campaign to Encourage Adoption

‘Wendy’s Wonderful Kids’ Campaign to Encourage Adoption

‘Wendy's Wonderful Kids’ Campaign to Encourage Adoption

$5 to $500,000 donation via Wendy’s Cup SnapChat code

The pro-life and pro-abortion stance is being tested now like never before thanks to various political bills which may or may not be passed. Many businesses are getting behind the pro-abortion message. However, Wendy’s has chosen to tread a different path. Wendy’s has chosen to campaign for adoption.

‘Wendy’s Wonderful Kids’ Campaign to Encourage Adoption[/tweetthis]

Wendy’s is collaborating with its partner, the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, to push for the adoption of children who find themselves stuck in the foster care system without any real prospects of being taken in permanently.

A report by AdoptUSKids states a quarter of children who are fostered in the United States. This is where Wendy’s comes in with their “Wendy’s Wonderful Kids” initiative[/tweetit]. The initiative offers to assist children in finding permanent homes. The initiative will assist children who are viewed by some as less than desirable to adopt. Less than desirable to adopt includes those who are older, have special needs, or are a part of a sibling group.

The program takes advantage of full-time, one on one qualified caseworkers, who know the children they are working with very well. This method works better because it means that caseworkers can look for the right family situation for the youngsters.

Wendy’s CEO, Rita Soronen, said that the core of the program is knowing the child. She went on to say that one of the key aspects to the success of the program is giving the caseworkers the time as well as room to work. She then said that when you give a caseworker time to really work a case, you will find an adoptive family for these children.

If you’d like to get involved, all you have to do is download the app Snapchat and scan a SnapCode on Wendy’s cup. That’s it. The company will then donate $5 to the Dave Thomas Foundation which is an organization founded by Wendy’s late founder and adoptee, Dave Thomas. Wendy’s has pledged to donate five-dollar increments up to $500,000.

The money will go towards efforts to bring the foundation’s programming to all 50 U.S. states.

Dave Thomas was an advocate for adoption for most of his life. In 1992, he founded the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. The stated mission of the foundation is to “dramatically increase the number of adoptions of children waiting in North America’s foster care systems.”


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