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Watch an Atheist, Priest, and Rabbi Smoke Weed Together and Talk God

A Social Experiment Finds Out How Weed Can Impact Discussions between People from Varying Backgrounds.

Gathering a bunch of people with varying beliefs into a room is generally a bad idea. We’ve seen those discussions happen before and how they can cause tempers to flare up. However, decided to go ahead with their plan of putting a Catholic priest, a rabbi and a conservative homosexual atheist in a room together.

Watch an Atheist, Priest, and Rabbi Smoke Weed Together and Talk God[/tweetthis]

However, the situation was a little different from what we’re normally used to. Cut had placed, on the table, what could only be described as a bong.

Yes, asked a rabbi, a priest and homosexual atheist to smoke weed together and have a discussion after.

Needless to say, most viewers probably had no clue about what to expect. However, as the video progressed, what we got to see was hilarious and heartwarming.

The overall duration of the video is about eight minutes long and gives us a glimpse into how organized religion can prevent what one really wants to express or feels. The inclusion of marijuana certainly shifts up the level of intrigue as to what’s going to happen. Interestingly, all three men admitted to having experimented with marijuana before, with the atheist indicating that he does it quite often even now.

At the start of the video, it isn’t hard to notice that all of them are a little uncomfortable around each there. Though there doesn’t seem to be any apparent hostility, the three do display a certain level of awkwardness. However, all that awkwardness disappears as soon as they take the first hit.

 Initially we see the three then begin to discuss their respective perspectives on God. For anyone who has seen enough “Religion vs. Atheism” debates, the discussions in this video won’t seem very new to you. However, we do end up with a touching moment towards the end as they all bless each other.

In a time where bigotry, intolerance, and anxiety have plague the world, the social experiment aims to bridge people’s differences and emphasizes the need for conversations.

Another interesting aspect of the video is that the two religious figures seem to be open about legalizing weed. The Catholic priest went onto suggest that marijuana should be governed just like alcohol, implying that controlled use was okay by him. The rabbi, on the other hand, made an ambiguous statement mentioning that anything that provided a “positive experience” must be a “good thing.”


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