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Want to Know How to Stop Murder? Ask Phil… Robertson That Is

Do You Know How to Stop Murder? Phil Robertson Knows
Video Screenshot
“The Sword of the Spirit” Will Stop Murder Worldwide

Phil Robertson, a member of the Duck Dynasty reality TV series posted a video on his Facebook page giving a lesson on bringing an end to gun violence in the world. In the video, Robertson displayed an assault rifle and that the Bible is the greatest defense against human beings murdering one another.

Want to Know How to Stop Murder? Ask Phil… Robertson That Is[/tweetthis]

The video posted showed the camera slowly capturing and focusing on Robertson’s AR-15 rifle. He referred to the firearm as an “earthly weapon”. He continued to say he would never want to use it against another man. Robertson then picked up a Bible and says that it, too, is a weapon. He referred to it as a “sword of the spirit” while going through its pages.

Robertson then said people were focusing on the wrong weapon, the assault rifle, to stop murder in the world. He then picked up a Bible covered in duct tape. He then said the Bible is what can stop people from murdering each other.

The message in the video was received with mixed reactions. On the one hand, it addresses the problem of gun violence and seems to provide an alternative choice other than using firearms to stop murder in the world. On the other hand, some people feel the comparison is imbalanced. Their argument is built around the concept that the Bible has been used time and again to justify acts of violence. It is also argued that if secular laws have failed at stopping murder, the Ten Commandments wouldn’t have a shot either.

Robertson’s video may appeal to some Christians. However, it does not hold much water to those who believe in facts rather than faith.

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